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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't Living Earth syncing its cities between Mac and my iPhone/iPad?

Please verify iCloud is enabled on your Mac. This is on your Mac's System Preferences -> iCloud Prefererences pane. Also verify you have the Sync Cities option enabled in the Edit Cities section of Living Earth's Settings for iPhone and iPad and in Living Earth's Preferences on Mac. Also verify you're logged in to iCloud using the same Apple ID in the Settings app on all devices. On iPhone and iPad this will be in your Settings App->iCloud section. Lastly also verify Documents & Data syncing is enabled on your iPad/iPhone in Settings App -> iCloud -> Documents & Data."

Why is my weather data sometimes inconsistent with other sources?

When you add your city with the Location button, Living Earth will use the weather station closest to your geographic location. As a result, current conditions data and forecasts are more accurate than other weather sources that may only use a weather station located at the nearest airport. We use the world class weather provider Weather Underground's PWS network for weather conditions data. The exact location of the weather station you're using can be referenced by finding your location at and choosing the 'Station Select' button to view weather stations in your area.

Why isn't the Living Earth screensaver activating?

Please verify you disabled your system screen saver in OSX System Preferences. Under macOS High Sierra this is under System Preferences->Desktop & Screen Saver->Screen Saver. Choose 'Start After' to Never. Also verify you're not running third party utilities such as Caffeine that may prevent the screensaver from activating.


Start Living Earth on Login

To have Living Earth start automatically on login, visit 'Preferences', under the 'General' tab, check the box titled 'Start Living Earth at Login'.

Time Format for 12 or 24 hours

Living Earth uses the default time format settings from OS X. You can adjust these in the 'Language & Region' preference panel (pre OSX 11.11 this is under 'Language & Text', under the 'Region' tab).

Bright Night Clouds

When viewing the weather of an area at night it can sometimes be difficult to view the details of the cloud layer. You can enable 'Bright Night Clouds' to brighten the clouds on the night side of the Earth. To do this, click on the 'Gear' icon in Living Earth, and from the drop down menu select 'Bright Night Clouds'. Optionally, when the Living Earth drop down is visible, you can use the hot key 'Command-B'.

Menu Bar App

Living Earth Desktop is a menu bar app. All of Living Earth's features are accessible from the temperature and conditions icon on your menu bar in the upper right of your display, including closing Living Earth and setting your preferences.


You can easily access Living Earth with a hotkey (Option-W by default). You can configure a different key combination in Living Earth Preferences.

Adding, Deleting, or Reordering Cities

You can customize the list of cities any way you would like!

  • Click the 'plus' icon in the lower right corner of the app.
  • Search for new cities by typing in the text box at the top.
  • Delete cities by clicking on the red '-' button on the left of each city.
  • Reorder a city by clicking on its name, then drag it up or down to a new location.

When you're finished editing the city list, click 'Done' to return to the main Living Earth screen.

Icon and Temperature

The weather condition icon and temperature displayed in your menu bar is from the first city in your list. You can change this at any time by clicking the 'plus' icon, then click and drag your preferred city to the top of the list.


Locking the Screen

Living Earth is not a system screensaver. Apps sold in the Mac App store are not allowed to install system screen savers. Because of this limitation, the Living Earth screensaver cannot password lock your computer.

Settings for Best Results

For best results with the Living Earth Screensaver, set your monitor to sleep after Living Earth activates. You can do this in the OS X preferences panel titled 'Energy Saver'. You should also disable your system screensaver found in the OS X preference panel titled 'Desktop & Screensaver'.

Explore Mode

In 'explore' mode, the screensaver will randomly visit interesting cities around the globe, including any city in your list. Many of these cities have either extreme weather (the hottest and coldest places on Earth) or are capitals of countries large and small. Explore mode can be both fun and informative as you discover new places on our planet!